About Donnish Journals

Donnish Journals is a purpose-driven and rapidly growing scientific, non-profit peer-reviewed open access publisher, covering a wide range of academic disciplines. As an open-source knowledge dissemination organization established to publish excellent, new, and timely research articles, studies and reviews.

Donnish Journals serve as a forum for researchers, readers etc to easily locate, and acquire knowledge from the quality articles we publish and to diseminate these articles freely for referencing and teaching purpose without financial restriction.

Donnish Journals is poised to offering researchers and research institutions all over the world excellent services, we are committed to delivering outstanding customer services, and offering complete publishing solutions for societies, organizations, researchers and scholars all over the international community.

Our Mission

To promote and circulate academic awareness through the publication of high quality research articles using the open access model.

Our Vision

To create a broad avenue for readers and researchers to easily collaborate, locate, explore, and acquire new knowledge from the quality articles published and enthrone a research collaborative platform that is freely accessed and open to all.

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